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mingle_iconThis site not only showcases the abilities of the Mingle Plugin for WordPress but is also a gathering place for WordPress designers, developers, webmasters and users to share thoughts & ideas and get together. Login or click the register link to get started!

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WordPress Membership Plugin

If you’re looking for Mingle as part of a membership site strategy or you just want to charge for access to your community then you should look into our WordPress membership plugin … MemberPress. MemberPress makes it easy to roll out your own custom Membership Site in minutes. MemberPress integrates with Mingle, BBPress, BuddyPress, Simple:Press forum and more … so go check it out today.

Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugin

Building a community of users can be difficult to monetize if you don’t have a specific strategy for it. Luckily, we have another plugin called Pretty Link Pro that will allow you to use affiliate links throughout your site. If you aren’t familiar with Affiliate Marketing … it can be a powerful way to generate income for whatever site you’re building. And Pretty Link Pro will help you setup pretty link redirects to your affiliate tracking links to products you recommend to your community.