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Custom Fields
adiumacPostJun 09, 11:08 AM
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May 19, 02:31 AM
Normal topicCustom Fields

A long awaited feature was released and I think we all are very pleased and grateful.

While testing this feature I got some ideas, which I want to share:

o) field types: could be enhanced with multi-dropdown, radio, picture, picture-url
o) visibility/security: could have two steps between public and private called "for members and for friends only"
o) this could be merged with the privacy level
o) possiblity for admins to generate a table with these fields

lisamePostJul 25, 01:11 AM
Posts: 74
Jul 20, 08:15 AM
Normal topicRe: Custom Fields

Great request.

Specially there first one. You can then have users select a hobby and choose from multiple options using a select button.

realm9PostAug 23, 04:28 PM
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Feb 14, 10:13 PM
Normal topicRe: Custom Fields

Also, unless I just haven't found it. We need a page for admins to edit other users' custom field values. Esp. for hidden fields.

LeratoPostMay 08, 01:29 AM
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May 02, 08:30 AM
Normal topicRe: Custom Fields

Hi there,
Mingle is super.
Is there an easy way to add a custom field for country on user profile? or a way to add multiple options at the same time on the drop-down custom field?
It would be great if developers who create a drop-down selection field on any system anywhere can have a built-in ready-to-use pre-made country list, since it is a kind of recurring requirement in my experience. But I'm not so clued up on code.

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